Did you know you can see how the embroidery  you created in EQStitch will look on the quilt layout in EQ7?  You can determine if you want to stitch in alternate blocks, on a border, or over several blocks based on the size of the design you create.  You just need to keep in mind what hoop size you have for your particular machine and design within those restrictions.  You can always multi hoop for continuous designs that flow from one point to another.

Once you have created your design and added it to the sketchbook, you will also see an image of the design in the sketchbook on the embellishment tab.  These are images of  your design and not the actual stitches needed to sew the design at the machine.  If you are placing your designs onto a quilt, you can design the quilt on the quilt worktable and then set the images of your embroidery on the layer 3 of the quilt to see how your layout will look.  For those of you who both quilt and embroider, this is a great feature that a stand alone digitizing software program does not have.

Create a quilt layout to set your embroidery designs onto then add your elements.  In the sample below I  used several different applique motifs from the EQ block library.  The appliques were set on layer 2 of the quilt.  Each of the elements are different sizes in order to fit well within the defined block size.

I copied the artwork for the blocks and pasted it onto the embroidery worktable and used it  (after slight editing) to create red work type of stitches to use in the quilt border that is in the same style as the applique motifs.  In order to see how they would actually look on the quilt,  I used the set embellishment tool on layer three of the quilt to place the resized edited elements into the border.  Now I have a pattern image I can refer to when stitching my designs at the embroidery machine.

I am teaching at the EQAcademy in Ohio and Denver.  Places are filling up quickly so make sure you sign up soon.  There will be an update soon to the EQStitch program and there will be a really nifty new tool added to the program.  Those people attending the EQAcademy will get hands on lessons that incorporate this new tool and its usage.