Closed shapes in EQStitch make it easy for us to create designs quickly without having the artistic ability ourselves.  Using the shape tools and editing them, cloning them, changing them from a curve to a line and back again, all make it a simple way to design.

Try creating a design using one shape only.  I chose to use the oval tool (heart) and simply edited that one shape to create an entire drawing.

Start by opening your program and setting your drawing board options.

I chose to have fill stitches with no edge stitch for my shapes.

Using the shape tool, I created my tree trunk by changing one side of the heart into a line.  Then I added several edit points on the remaining heart curve the dragged the points to multiple positions to make the arms of the branches and the roots of the trees.

I used the clone tool to create a copy of the edited half heart shape and flipped it to the opposite side.

I added a heart in the center of the trunk to simulate the tree knot opening.

I drew a single small heart and used the wreathmaker tool to create multiple elements of the heart shapes.

I cloned the heart wreathmaker and moved the multiple elements design all around the tree.

This was not full enough for me so I selected all the leaves at once and cloned them and flipped them top to bottom and left to right.

I dragged a few hearts to the bottom root area so they look like they fell from the tree.

The fun began with all the coloring of the little elements.

I did need to sort all the thread colors so it would stitch properly at the machine.

Voila!!  A tree of love created completely with the heart shaped tool!