Add to Sketchbook and View Sketchbook

What is the Sketchbook?

The Sketchbook holds all of the designs for your project in one location for easy access later. Each time you click  Add to Sketchbook the current worktable design of your block, quilt, or image will get copied to the Sketchbook. You may always go back to edit anything in your Sketchbook.

Add to Sketchbook

Use this tool to add the design from the worktable to the Project Sketchbook.

1. Click Add to Sketchbook each time you want to save a new design in the Sketchbook. It can be an image, block or quilt.

View Sketchbook

Use this tool to display the Project Sketchbook.

Designs are added to your sketchbook by collecting them from the Libraries, and by clicking Add to Sketchbook while working on the Quilt, Block or Image worktables.

You can use the Sketchbook to mange your designs. You can delete unwanted designs, sort designs into a new order, document important information using the notecards, and edit designs to the worktable for further manipulation.

REMEMBER:  Saving a project saves the current Sketchbook contents permanently on the hard drive. Nothing in the Sketchbook is saved permanently unless you name a project.

There are 3 ways to name a project.

One way to name a project is when you first open the program, you’ll see this screen (or a similar one if you don’t have EQStitch). Type the name of your project in the blank. Click the OK button.

Another way is to click File > Save.

Then, type in a name for your project and click the Save button.

Or, you can  click the Save  tool.

Type in a name for your project and click the Save button.

So, if you want to save something you need to add it to your sketchbook AND save the project.

Click the View Sketchbook tool to make sure your blocks, quilts and images are in your sketchbook.

Check the upper left hand corner of your screen to make sure you’ve named your project.

• If you’d like a reminder of this and other tools in EQ7, check out the  Display Dynamic Help tool.
• To print this: Click the title (Tool Tip Tuesday – Add to Sketchbook and View Sketchbook) and then print as normal.