You don’t need to know how to draw in EQ7 to create new blocks—you just need to know how to delete! “Un-drawing” is just my funny way of referring to deleting lines in a block to create new variations.

Edit your block to the Block Worktable and start experimenting. Click the Pick tool , click on the line to select it, then hit the Delete key on your keyboard. Here are a few simple examples of the block variations you can create in just minutes with your Delete key!

Here I started with the Electric Fan block (which you can find in the EQ7 Block Library in 02 Contemporary Pieced > Kaleidoscopes). I deleted all of the lines in the four blades:

Here you can see the difference between a quilt using all the same block and one that has been alternated with the new variation:

Here’s the Greek Cross block (01 Classic Pieced > Nine Patch):

I like the new secondary design in corners when you mix these two blocks together:

And one last example, Odd Fellows Chain (01 Classic Pieced > Variable Stars):

If you’re like me, piecing the same block over and over can be a little tedious. Fewer lines = fewer seams. Which means faster piecing on those variation blocks!

Exercise that Delete key and see what kind of variations you can make!