Laura Conowitch, from the northeastern corner of Washington State, is a long-time quilter and EQ user. She has taught many local quilting classes and is a past president of a local quilt guild. She no longer teaches, but does have a small online fabric and thread shop- LC’s Cottage.

Laura is currently challenging herself to design quilts in Electric Quilt from one block. For practice, she draws the block, and a few alternate blocks, and then creates several quilt designs. She shows the blocks, and the virtual quilts, on her blog.

Here are a few of her quilt designs using the Triangle Weave block (see her original blog post for more designs using this block):

You can see many more of Laura’s block & quilt design examples by clicking here. By doing these exercises, Laura has increased her Electric Quilt skills, as well as her designing skills, and is having fun in the process.

Way to go Laura!