Summer is the time to travel, right?

Here is a fun project using the United States of America as inspiration.

You can download the project here. (Alaska and Hawaii are also included.)

But, to make it more personal, you could print photos on EQ Printable Fabric and integrate them into the quilt.

It’s easy with EQ7.

Of course, you can make the quilt any size you’d like, but mine is set to (without borders) 20 x 12.5.

I started with Texas. I used the Tape Measurer  to measure Texas. It’s about 5.3 inches wide. So, I re-sized my photo to be 5.3 inches wide as well.

Then, I clicked  Libraries > Fabric Library > Import > from image file >  locate your Texas photo > Open > Add to Sketchbook.

Your Texas photo can now be used like any other fabric. Since some of the states are oddly shaped it will probably take a little trial and error to find photos that fit exactly right. One issue you might run into is the photo fitting width-wise but not lengthwise (or the opposite). It will depend on the photo but sometimes this is easy to fix. Let’s say your Maine photo looks something like this:

When the photo is too short EQ7 will start tiling it. One way to fix this is when you are actually sewing, just add extra fabric that matches the photo. At the top you could add some sky blue and at the bottom some dark blue. (And for more information about techniques like that you can check out Blending Photos with Fabric by Mary Ellen Kranz.)

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to