Sue Gruber is a wonderful quiltmaker and photographer from Bowling Green, Ohio. Today she shares with us one of her beautiful bird quilts made using EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets.

Here’s what Sue says about her quilt:

“The bird is a white ibis. I took the photo in Crystal River, Florida. The picture was edited using Photoshop, then imported into EQ. I set the photo into a one block quilt of the exact size I want to print it. Then I printed the photo from EQ, which lets me set the size of the fabric sheets and landscape or portrait layout. EQ tiles the photo for printing, including stitching lines to sew the fabric sheets together. This was printed on the 13″ x 19″ Regular Cotton Fabric Sheets on my Epson printer. These sheets have a very soft hand after printing, I have used them in many projects with good results.”

If you’re curious about how the printable fabric stitches, check out Sue’s wonderful quilting!

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