Have you noticed these black and white crossword looking things showing up lately?

They are called QR (Quick Response) Codes. If you take a picture of the QR Code with your smartphone it will usually take you to a website, but it can also encode other stuff, like your contact information, or any text you’d like. The above QR code links to electricquilt.com. You can make them for free at sites like qrcode.kaywa.com.

Again, you can set it up to link to anything you want. So, link it directly to the sign-up for your newsletter, to friend your shop on Facebook, go directly to your Etsy shop, follow you on Pinterest or Twitter…it’s easier than handing out web addresses and hoping people type it in and find what they are looking for.  I was thinking that they would be a fun addition to quilt labels. So, if someone sees your quilt and they take a picture of the QR code, it links directly to where you are selling the quilt’s kit!

And of course you’ll want to use EQ Printable Fabric to print your QR code labels out on!

(Also—one of our users, Bea Lee, made a whole QR code quilt. Very cool.)

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to Heidi@electricquilt.com.