Here we are at Block 10 of the sew along!

Block #1301

*Remember, if you’re keeping all your sew along blocks in the same project, open the project now so you can add this new block.*

Open BlockBase and click the Search by Number tool.

Type in 1301 and click Search. The block appears on the Search Results tab.

Last time, I showed you how the Export Metafile tool works. This time I’m going to show you another exporting option- Export Bitmap. Bitmaps are a type of image file that can be used in other software.

Click the Export Bitmap tool.

In the dialog box that appears, type in the size and choose whether you’d like to create a file or simply copy the bitmap to the Windows Clipboard. Bitmap images have the file extension “.bmp”.

You can now paste or insert the bitmap into another application. These files are great for creating graphics for print or for the web. You could use these block images to jazz up your return address labels, like I did here using Microsoft Word:

Or make a header for your blog:

If you use these bitmaps along with the metafile images we talked about last time, you can make quite professional-looking block piecing instructions!

Now, back to BlockBase!

With Block #1301 still selected on the Search Results tab, click the Print Block tool and choose your pattern type.

Type in your  finished size (BlockBase adds the seam allowance for you). Preview your printout and then click Print.

If you’re saving all your sew along blocks in the same project, click the Add to Project tool and then the Save Project tool.

Come back on Friday, March 1 to show off those finished blocks!