Welcome to Block 8 of the sew along! This time I’m going to give you a choice between two blocks:

Block #1407a


Block #1401

Essentially these two blocks look the same. But you’ll notice that the first block has set-in seams, while the second does not (therefore making it easier to piece!). However, I’m not just giving you the option to construct this block in a two different ways, I’m using this as an opportunity to show you a nifty tool in Block Base!

*Remember, if you’re keeping all your sew along blocks in the same project, open the project now so you can add this new block.*

Open BlockBase and click the Search by Number tool.

Type in 1407a and click Search. The block appears on the Search Results tab.

Now we’re going to try out a tool we haven’t used yet during the sew along. Click on the Locate in BlockBase tool (it’s right there next to the Print Block tool).

The screen will switch to the BlockBase tab, and you’ll be taken to the location of Block #1407a in BlockBase, which is the Four Patch > Misc. Four Patch category.

The wonderful thing about this tool is that you can find similar blocks to the one you have selected. This is great for finding blocks with a similar style, blocks that use the same grid, or as in the case- blocks with a slightly different construction!

Click on the block you’d like to use to select it. Click the Print Block tool and choose your pattern type.

Type in your  finished size (BlockBase adds the seam allowance for you). Preview your printout and then click Print.

If you’re saving all your sew along blocks in the same project, click the Add to Project tool and then the Save Project tool.

Come back on Friday, February 1 to show off those finished blocks!