I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and is ready to jump back into the sew along!

Block #1774

*Remember, if you’re keeping all your sew along blocks in the same project, open the project now so you can add this new block.*

Let’s try out one of the Search tools we haven’t used before. Click the Search by Keyword tool.

In the drop-down menu under Search Category, choose Nature. In the box below, scroll down and choose Weather. Click Search.

There are 37 weather-related blocks in BlockBase. Our block also goes by the name Thunder and Lightning, which explains why it shows up in a search for weather blocks!

Click on the #1774 block to select it. Click the Print Block tool and choose your pattern type.

Type in your  finished size (BlockBase adds the seam allowance for you). Preview your printout and then click Print.

If you’re saving all your sew along blocks in the same project, click the Add to Project tool and then the Save Project tool.

Try browsing through the other categories listed in the Keyword Search box. This can be a great place to start when looking for blocks of a certain theme or topic, like blocks for an 1850′s reproduction quilt:

Come back on Friday, January 18 to show off those finished blocks!