We love showing your quilts here on the EQ Blog, in the EQ Quilt Gallery, and in ClubEQ. We especially love it when your quilts inspire others to try new things in EQ. You might remember a post back in September featuring a really cool photo manipulation quilt by Dianne Gronfors. She told us all about how she uses the EQ7 Image Worktable to create visually stunning quilts like Modern Parrot, below.

Modern Parrot Quilt by Dianne Gronfors

Dianne’s, quilt and technique did inspire Judy Messenger from Toronto, Canada. Judy wrote us to share her photo quilts. She writes:

I thought you may be interested in some work that I recently completed, inspired by an entry on the EQ Blog on Sept. 10th, EQ7 Image Worktable and Modern Parrot By Dianne Gronfors.
I’ve created some fiber art pieces from photos using the distortion features of the EQ7 Image worktable, as outlined by Diane.  I’ve attached copies of the original photos as well as the resulting works.  In each case, I manipulated the photo on the EQ7 Image worktable, printed the result on EQ printables fabric sheets, layered and machine quilted the piece, then embellished with beads and framed the result.  The members of my quilt guild, and attendees of a recent craft show were very impressed with the results!
This is a photo of the centre of a New York Beauty quilt that I made a couple of years ago, which hangs in my family room.  “Bali” is the resulting fibre art piece.

New York Beauty Photo

Bali Quilt

This is a photo taken by my daughter of a beautify maple tree, hanging over the Moon River in Bala, Ontario Canada,  displaying it’s autumn colours.  “Autumn” is the resulting fibre art piece based on that photo.

Maple Tree Photo

Autumn Quilt

This is an image downloaded from the internet of the Cat’s Eye Nebula, taken by the Hubble Telescope (http://www.spacetelescope.org/) states that “Space Telescope imagery is free for anyone to use).  “Nebula”  is the resulting fibre art piece from that image. I choose these images for their great variety in colours, and I’m very please with the results.

Cat’s Eye Nebula, taken by the Hubble Telescope (http://www.spacetelescope.org/)

Nebula Quilt

EQ is such fun to play with, and I’m always learning new ways to use it!
Judy Messenger Toronto, Canada

We hope that these techniques will spark a creative fire in you. Send us your photo quilts!