One of the big new features in EQ7 is the Image worktable. Once of the features of the Image Worktable is that is has 45 different image effects, including artistic, noise, blur and many more. There are also filters that allow you to sharpen, unsharpen, or detect the edges of your image.

In browsing the July ClubEQ Challenge (this challenge was titled, “Birds!“) we found this quilt entry by Dianne Gronfors of Bracebridge, ON Canada. So cool! Dianne explains how she used the new features of the Image Worktable to create this quilt:

“I picked an image of a parrot and then used Image>Apply Effects>Distort>Zoom Wave to come up with this modified image. I’ve set it as a one-block wall hanging that is reminiscent to me of modern art.”

We love this beautifully creative thinking for both the Birds challenge and using the Image Worktable to design a stunning quilt. Thanks for sharing with us, Dianne!