We’ve had several questions regarding the upcoming BlockBase Sew Along, so I thought I’d post answers here on the blog for everyone to see.

How do I sign up for the Sew Along?
No official sign up is necessary. Just visit the blog on Monday, October 1 to find out which block we’ll be sewing first. On Friday, October 12, visit the blog again to post a picture of your finished block. New blocks will be posted every two weeks, on Mondays.

The only requirement is that you own the BlockBase software and have it installed on your computer so you can print the patterns for the blocks.


I have an older version of BlockBase, can I still participate in the sew along?
Yes! We republished BlockBase in August. It is not a new version. Those who already own BlockBase should not purchase it again. The product is the same. But you can still sew along with all the BlockBase newbies!


I’m having trouble installing BlockBase. What do I do?
Please contact our Tech Support team. You can email at techsupport@electricquilt.com or call 419-352-1134, 9am-5pm EST.


What are the fabric requirements?
I am not posting fabric requirements. Because you’ll be printing the patterns yourself using the BlockBase software, the size of the blocks is up to you.


Are the blocks copyrighted?
The patterns in BlockBase are intended for your personal use. If you intend any commercial use of these patterns, you must consult the sources of those patterns, as credited in the BlockBase references, for possible copyright restrictions.


What is a Blog Badge?
If you have a blog, you can use this badge to show readers you’re participating in the sew along (and to help spread the word so more people join in!). You can copy the code to the right of the image to place it on your blog.

The badge is optional. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry about it!



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