Check out the EQ Quilt Galleryto see some really beautiful quilts made by EQ users. In the gallery we showcase the EQ virtual quilt next to a photo of the finished quilt. It’s inspiring to see all the quilts people finish! This one , Poisson, by Simone Lherbon is a fun one for summer!

See more quilts in the EQ Quilt Gallery!

Submit your quilts and show them off on our website!

What we need sent
- EQ project (tell us which quilt it is in the Sketchbook)
- Photo of the entire finished quilt (not at an angle/as straight-on as possible, larger than 600 pixels, do not crop out the background, do not cut off the borders or binding in the picture)
- Quilt Title
- Who gets the Credit? (designer, maker, quilter)
- Note or Story about the quilt
- Your website or blog information (optional)