July’s prize: Amy Butler softwares

A winner will be chosen on August 1, 2011 9am Eastern.

Thanks for submitting your pictures to webmaster@electricquilt.com!

Don’t worry about sending a professional photograph. You don’t even need to crop it! As long as we can see the whole block (400px or larger) and it isn’t on too much of an angle, we will do the rest to get your photo ready for the blog.

Want the July Journey pattern? Visit this page of our blog: https://doyoueq.com/blog/?p=2266

Block 1 Submitted by: JoAnn Korzenko

Block by JoAnn Korzenko

Block 2 Submitted by: Cathy Buel

Block by Cathy Buel

Block 3 Submitted by: Joanne a.k.a. Threadhead

Block by Joanne Threadhead

Block 4 Submitted by: Anita Grossman Solomon

Block by Anita Grossman Solomon

Block 5 Submitted by: Beatrice Marotte

Block by Beatrice Marotte

Block 6 Submitted by: Barb Rodebush

Block by Barb Rodebush

Block 7 Submitted by: Sandra Roessing

Block by Sandra Roessing

Block 8 Submitted by: Joan Lucchese

Block by Joan Lucchese

Block 9 Submitted by: Mary Markworth

Block by Mary Markworth

Block 10 Submitted by: Victoria Kooyman

Block by Victoria Kooyman

Block 11 Submitted by: Nancy Manion

Block by Nancy Manion

Block 12 Submitted by: Carol Baldry

Block by Carol Baldry

Block 13 Submitted by: Rebecca Belsaas

Block by Rebecca Belsaas

Block 14 Submitted by: Mona Beck

Block by Mona Beck

Block 15 Submitted by: Kathy Harris

Block by Kathy Harris

Block 16 Submitted by: Deborah Harmon

Block by Deborah Harmon

Block 17 Submitted by: Nancy Anderson

Block by Nancy Anderson

Block 18 Submitted by: Beth Stoneberger

Block by Beth Stoneberger

Block 19 Submitted by: Lorie Francescut

Block by Lorie Francescut

Block 20 Submitted by: Sandy Rodgers

Block by Sandy Rodgers

Block 21 Submitted by: Susan Polan

Block by Susan Polan

Block 22 Submitted by: Lynne Chambliss

Block by Lynne Chambliss

Block 23 Submitted by: Mary Thuringer

Block by Mary Thuringer

Block 24 Submitted by: Paula Miceli

Block by Paula Miceli

Block 25 Submitted by: Sharon Simmons

Block by Sharon Simmons

Block 26 Submitted by: Sharon Rich

Block by Sharon Rich

Block 27 Submitted by: Judy Best

Block by Judy Best

Block 28 Submitted by: Andree Bergeron

Block by Andree Bergeron

Block 29 Submitted by: Pam Troxell

Block by Pam Troxell

Block 30 Submitted by: Marlene Rutherford

Block by Marlene Rutherford

Block 31 Submitted by: Jean Allbeury

Block by Jean Allbeury

Block 32 Submitted by: Shirley Seo

Block by Shirley Seo

Block 33 Submitted by: Betty Upchurch

Block by Betty Upchurch

Block 34 Submitted by: Betty Upchurch

Block by Betty Upchurch

Block 35 Submitted by: Jamie Lee Cooley

Block by Jamie Lee Cooley

Block 36 Submitted by: Marlene Oddie

Block by Marlene Oddie

Block 37 Submitted by: Margaret Henderson

Block by Margaret Henderson

Block 38 Submitted by: Robin Grube
Block by Robin Grube

Block 39 Submitted by: Linda Erickson
Block by Linda Erickson

Block 40 Submitted by: Sherry Trexler
Block by Sherry Trexler

Block 41 Submitted by: Ethel Mecklem
Block by Ethel Mecklem

Block 42 Submitted by: Judy
Block by Judy

Block 43 Submitted by: Sharon Palmer
Block by Sharon Palmer

Block 44 Submitted by: Barbara D’Angelo
Block by Barbara D'Angelo

Thanks for submitting your pictures to webmaster@electricquilt.com! Remember to submit your block photo before the end of July.