Patti Carey, the very busy & very talented Marketing Director for Northcott, had 2 quilts featured in the Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting March/April issue. Congratulations Patti!

Wildflowers” is on pages 36-44. It is a beautiful cool-blue, floral quilt with lots of fun borders. I think the neatest aspect of the quilt was how Patti used a panel print not only for the center of the quilt, but to be chopped up for the fabric in the rest of the pieced blocks. It gives a great gradient effect. For more information check out the pattern instructions in the Love of Quilting magazine.

Sophisticated” is Patti’s other quilt in the same issue of Love of Quilting! It’s on pages 94-101. It uses fabrics from the Sophisticate-Classic Taupe collection by Ro Gregg for Northcott. I didn’t know neutrals could be so rich, but Patti designed quite a stunning quilt!

When I asked Patti about designing in EQ, she said: “I design all of my quilts in EQ. In fact, I can’t design a quilt WITHOUT EQ. I download the fabric images from Northcott’s website, and create my digital quilt knowing that it will look exactly like the real one. No surprises!

Thanks Patti! We love to see how you showcase Northcott’s fabrics in your quilts. It’s great learning how people use our software for their businesses.