Use any or all of the letters in our company name: The Electric Quilt Company

Wordmaker Contest

Make as many words as you can.
• For each new word, you can use as many or as few of the available letters as you’d like.
• Use only the letters available. For example: There are only 3 letter E’s in our full company name. So you may use no more than 3 letter E’s in any one word.
• You may not use the proper name of a person as a word. For example: Ellie would not count as a word, because it is a person’s name.
• Words must be in English. (Sorry to all our wonderful non-English-speaking users!)

The winner wins an Amy Butler Softwares program. To enter, send an email with 1) your list of words and 2) the total number of words (one guess per person) before January 31, 2011:

Subject line: Wordmaker Contest
Body: Your list of words and the number of words you have listed.
Your Full Name:
Your Email: