OK, first check out Nancy’s amazing website & gallery to see why I always go gaga over her designs: www.nancyrinkdesigns.com/gallery.html

I think the parts that push me over the edge are her borders. Not only are the quilt centers gorgeous, but the borders just make her quilts spectacular. She is sooo creative.

Nancy Rink has been a longtime EQer. She once said: “EQ allows me to see endless color and design options before I even cut a piece of fabric. Electric Quilt is definitely a must have for quilters.

I saw her new “Stars of the Olde West” quilt pattern in the McCall’s Quilting March/April issue and just had to let you know. Check out pages 26-29 to get the pattern for her new design. She also has the kit available from her website.

Here’s what Nancy says about the new quilt: “For Stars of the Olde West I “borrowed” a border I had designed for another quilt. I pulled the border block I wanted to modify from “My Blocks” under the block library. I try to remember to file new blocks I design so that I can reuse them or modify them without starting completely over. In the case of Stars of the Olde West, I opened up the border block I had created for a quilt called “Scraps of Time” which uses the same fabric palette, and which features traditional looking applique leaves. Then I began replacing the old leaves with my “new” leaves. Naturally, I had to fiddle with placement, but that’s so easy to do with EQ. Once I had my leaves where I wanted them, I colored them, and popped them into my borders.

Great job once again Nancy.