Thank you all for entering the EQ Crossword contest to win an EQ6 Companion Book! We had 13 people get all the answers right and from those one winner was randomly chosen: Sherry Cote is our EQ Crossword winner! Great job Sherry.

And now for the answers:
Answers Across:
2. .koob siht morf nrael ll’uoy ,retupmoc a htiw retliuq a er’uoy fI
ANSWER: DigitalEssentials
3. May 2009 interviewee.
ANSWER: Deb Karasik
5. Barb Vlack’s traditional December recipe.
ANSWER: Marshmallows
9. A collection of the most recent fabric lines from the top manufacturers.
10. The EQ6 Appliqué Drawing book is number ____ of the companion books.
12. Quilt Design Wizard February Project of the Month.
ANSWER: March Madness
13. Name of the original EQ Newsletter.
ANSWER: Floppy Gazette
14. Who’s da man!? (I mean, Who’s da Mouse!?)
15. Fran Gonzalez’s series.
ANSWER: Simplified
16. The image on the cover of Quiltmaker’s Quilt Designs Volume 3.
ANSWER: Pumpkin

Answers Down:
1. The fearless leader of ClubEQ.
ANSWER: Barb Vlack
2. The man who brought you Electric Quilt.
ANSWER: Dean Neumann
4. The February 2008 challenge.
ANSWER: Jelly Rolls
6. EQ Mouse’s Favorite cheese.
ANSWER: Muenster
7. EQ Mystery Sleuth’s last name.
ANSWER: McDruben
8. One hundred sixty-nine blocks, 52 triangles, 4 corner kites and 5602 pieces.
ANSWER: Dear Jane
11. The Electric Quilt Company is located in this state.
12. This book has a mystical title, “EQ4 ________”.

Others who got all the answers right:
Beth Bigler
Kathryn Farver
Mary Beck
Martha Flanagan
Annmarie Morley
Cheryl Greenleaf
Jaci K. Ofenloch
Pamela K. Troxell
Tutu Haynes-Smart
Donna Harney
Kathy Tamosaitis
Susan Wood

Thank you all for playing!