Check out these Budgies drawn in EQ6 by Carolyn Laukkonen. Carolyn drew these Budgies as illustrations for children’s poems and stories that her friend writes. How cool is that? EQ for story illustrations. She explains more below:

Hi, just sharing what I made with EQ6 today. (I left a note on the EQ blog as well).
A friend of mine writes stories and poems about budgies for young children, based on true experiences and adventures of her feathered friends.
I created these budgies using EQ6 motif appliqué tools. I then used the same appliqué parts to make several blocks, flipping, rotating, and turning them over.
Exported the image into my graphic program where I added text (and shadows and a background), turning them into illustrations for her children’s online story book about the adventures of her budgies. The completed budgie blocks and the story they illustrate is at (storybook)

Carolyn Laukkonen