The Two Block Surprises challenge was so popular in 2004, we’re doing it again! Challenge leader, Barb Vlack, says to:

“Design a quilt combining two blocks to get secondary designs. Explore new possibilities for block combinations. You may be surprised.”

To participate in the challenge:
1. Start a new EQ6 project. Name it after yourself and the challenge like this. I’m Andrea Bishop, so mine would be 200911AndreaB or 200911ABishop.
2. Design a quilt using ALT+click to set blocks. Recolor the quilt and Add it to the Sketchbook.
3. Design a second quilt if you like.
4. Email the project as an attachment to before November 30, 2009.

All participants will receive all the projects from the month they participate in. So if you had done the 2-blocker challenge in 2004, you’d have received 253 quilts for submitting one!

Send in those entries! This one is easy and fun!

Visit the ClubEQ page for more examples.