The Rose of Sharon challenge is going strong. Don’t forget to send in your entries for a chance to win some of the $22,000 in prizes.

See what you need to do here:

Get the EQ6 project and tips (at the bottom of the page) for designing your blocks here:

It’s super easy. You don’t need to draw – we drew all the pieces for you. You don’t need to sew – we just need your EQ6 project back. You don’t need to design a quilt – this is a block challenge.

Just take the pieces supplied, rearrange them to make a Rose of Sharon block, color with the fabrics provided, Add the block to the Sketchbook, and repeat to design as many blocks as you can think of.

The more blocks you submit, the better your chances of winning.

Entries must be received by midnight Pacific Time on November 15, 2009.