Don’t forget to submit your EQ project to for the “Rotate and Fussy Cut” ClubEQ challenge.

Entries are due by August 31.

To submit a design:
1. Open up EQ6.
2. Start a new project (with 200908 in front of your name).
3. Design any quilt.
4. Color it with fabric.
5. Fussy cut or rotate any of the fabric.
6. Click Add to Sketchbook to save the quilt.
7. Name the quilt on the Notecard in the Sketchbook.
8. Design another quilt if you want (steps 3-7).
9. Write an email to
10. Attach your project from your My Documents > My EQ6 > PJ6 folder.
11. Send the email.

Anyone who submits a challenge project will get all the projects for that month. So don’t miss out on oodles of fun designs. Submit your project now.