The New England Quilt Museum shows both antique and contemporary quilts. In the permanent collection there are several Jacob’s Ladder quilts from the 1880’s.

Christina Inge works at the museum and her Jacob’s Ladder quilt, “Cornflower Crossing”, is featured on page 81 of Quilt Magazine November’s issue. Of course she designed it with EQ!

Christina says, “I find that EQ makes me much more productive as a designer; cutting the time it takes to design a quilt by over half. It cuts out all the need to calculate not just the size of pieces, but also yardages–that’s what I like the most. I also like to go through several color variations for the same quilt–it’s essential when doing a quilt on commission or for publication.”

“Cornflower Crossing” turned out wonderfully. The quilt is made from reproduction fabrics. Christina added the blue saying it reminded her of “the cornflowers that bloom on New England roadsides in the autumn.” You can order the pattern from The New England Quilt Museum, if you would like. It’s a great size for a lap quilt or even a tablecloth. What a beautiful picnic you could have with a tablecloth like that!

Also, the pattern is available in the magazine and the kit will be available soon at