Quilt Design Wizard is a little program we created that can sometimes get lost in the shadows of EQ6 and all its wonder. But this “watered down EQ,” as we sometimes refer to it, is packed with great features, perfect for beginners, and is super easy to use!

Quilt Design Wizard is a software for beginning quilters and beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try quilt designing on your computer for the first time. If you’re only ready for some simple pieced blocks, straight/horizontal layouts, on-point layouts, and want to play with color, then Quilt Design Wizard may be for you.

QDW contains:

• 200 blocks
• 3000 fabrics
• Versatile layouts and borders
• Ability to print patterns and fabric yardage
• Sewing and quilting basic instructions

We’ve even dedicated an entire website to Quilt Design Wizard. We post free downloadable projects each month so that you can add new blocks and fabrics to your stash as well as fun new project ideas to keep you busy each month.

Quilt Design also make a great gift for friends who’ve thought about designing their quilts on the computer but didn’t feel ready for the challenge or for children who love to quilt!

Not sure if you should get Quilt Design Wizard or EQ6? Read our EQ6/QDW comparison chart to better understand what might be right for you.