Jill Reid is a long time EQer that I have gotten the chance to chat with over the past few weeks. I first noticed her work in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine when I was stopped by her quilt, Remembering Rebecca. I contacted her to find out more about how she designed it in EQ – in this case, she had designed it in EQ5 some time ago. It is a reproduction of an antique quilt belonging to her friend.
But then Jill told me more about her EQ work. She uses EQ6 to design all her projects and many of those quilts have been published or will soon be! I loved reading how she relies on EQ during her design process and how it’s such a great tool for her. Here’s what she told me:

“Oh gosh, Sarah, I use EQ as a tool for design all the time, it is my right hand. I was never a graph paper designer and not a math geek…squeeking by in high school algebra…lol…so I like to let EQ do the math for me I usually see a block in an antique quilt that attracts me and I will go into EQ and try to draw it up in Easy Draw. I try to make the units divisible by an easy number,  i.e. that way the quilt I come up with in EQ, is actually “do-able” for rotary cutting and not some insane measurement. I like to keep things simple for rotary cutting. I then play around on EQ for color placement, which is a lot of fun. I also play with whether or not I want a border,and what I would like for a border,color placement again. Mostly I love that EQ gives me the final measurements for my quilt, before and after adding a border. What would I do without EQ?”

Below are just 2 of Jill’s published quilts; Remember Rebecca (from the Aug/Sept issue of Quilter’s Newsletter) at the top and Civil War (from the May/June issue of Fon’s and Porter magazine) on the bottom. Thanks for sharing how you use EQ6, Jill! Please keep us updated on all your projects to come.