Back in March, the Kaleidoscope lesson of the month was about making the cover quilt: “A Congregation of Poppies.” That next month we were honored to have that quilt in Quilters Newsletter.

Well, Barbara Gorby made a poppy quilt following our directions and it turned out stunning. Check it out:

Here’s what Barbara says:
I really enjoyed making this. It was my first project using electric quilt and the kaleidoscope collection. I have 24 more wedges to make plus cut all of my black pieces for the mystery quilt. So I am on the final count down. Then comes the fun of putting it together and deciding on a border.

As you can see in the picture I just sent you, I used a lot of stippling in the background. It was also my first attempt at free motion. I started small so I had to finish it all using the small stippling and then the black border didn’t look right without the stippling so I had to continue. I used the stitch in the ditch with transparent thread to outline the blocks and wedges. I put the applique on top of the stippling and also used the transparent thread on that.
It took a while.

Thanks for your help. It was great.

We love your colors Barbara. They look amazing in that hot Arizona sun. Keep up the good work! We can’t wait to see your Mystery Quilt.