Can I just say, “I am sooooo EXCITED!” This mystery quilt has been a blast and I love seeing the pictures you’re sending.

Pat Huston just sent in this beauty:

She writes:
“What a great surprise! I love it!

When the project was introduced it sounded like a good opportunity to not only add to my EQ skills, but also to use up some of the batik fabrics in my stash. Andrea kept warning that the project could get busy, and I should have listened to her advice. At first attempt to lay out my pieces I kept saying “too busy, too busy”. But, playing with the pieces was great fun – just like playing with a kaleidoscope as a kid. The center block from month one did not end up in the center at all. For June I chose a block called “Shoe String” which was much quieter and ended up being inserted in the middle round. In the end, I’m happy with it and could easily become addicted to making quilts this way. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Thank you for sharing your quilt with us, Andrea.”

Oh Pat, you don’t give yourself enough credit. This quilt is amazing. Your lights and darks are really effective. I think you have a fun yellow-accent going on too.

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Want to make your own quilt? All you need is EQ5 or EQ6 and the Kaleidoscope Collection. Then follow the lessons on our website to get all the pieces needed.