We received an email from Sarah Moon of FabTalk who told us about an Amy Butler Softwares review she had written. We were flattered and blown away by how well she knew the program. She does a great job of explaining some of the different features and advantages to using the program and so we thought we’d share the review with you

Read the full review on the FabTalk blog! But here’s a little excerpt:

All-in-all, Softwares is a great value, even if you just make the projects as the come on the CD. For less than $30, you get more than 20 beautiful Amy Butler patterns. However, it’s really the added features that intrigue me the most–the ability to design and plan a project with a light-weight version of Electric Quilt 6, using inspiring Amy Butler fabrics. In order to get the most out of Softwares, you would be well-served to spend some time getting used to the way the program works, so you get really start working with your own interpretations of Amy’s designs.

There are also a couple of  hidden gems in Amy’s sewing glossary and in the “inspiration” section of CD as well. The glossary has clear, easy-to-understand explanations of all the sewing techniques you’ll use for the projects on the CD. And I got lost (in a good way) clicking through the inspiration images–they made me want to break out the sewing machine and get started on a project right away.

Thanks for sharing Sarah!