I was playing in EQ6 today and found a neat trick. Get the star layout from the Layout library and CTRL+click in a Crazy Patch block. CTRL+click with the Rotate tool and watch how the star spins. Isn’t that cool?

Here’s the lesson:
CTRL+click and the Layout Library
(When it comes to the library, go into library #3 into the Crazy blocks: EQ6 Users click Add to Sketchbook, EQ5 Users click Copy).

Example by Andrea

If you find a cool one, send me a picture of your design and I’ll post it here (first 20 people only).

#1 by Joan Mathews

#2 by Andrea Bishop

#3 by Judy Messenger

#4 by Ingrid Eichstedlund

#5 by Estelle Langslow

#6 by Cynthia Green

#7 by Marion Nickey

#8 by Svanhild Schmidt-Hovstad

#9 by Janice Averill