Sheryl recently wrote us about a baby quilt she made for her niece Cherish who is pregnant with a little girl of her own. Here at EQ we are no strangers to pregnant women and babies so we couldn’t resist sharing this adorable EQ designed baby quilt.

“I scanned my fabrics and imported them to use in the pattern. I also fussy scanned/cropped the focus fabric (Vintage Kids or what I call Dick & Jane) and imported those pictures to use as blocks. It turned out very nicely thanks to EQ6! “

Here’s a link to Sheryl’s blog where you can read more.



Sheryl also uses her EQ to create pattern illustrations in Word:
“I use EQ for the illustrations in my patterns by exporting to PSP vX and then inserting into Word documents. I love the way I can use the 2 programs together!”

Click here to learn more about how to make your own illustrations in Word using your EQ.