We wanted to share another Digital Essentials review this time from Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine:

Digital Essentials – The quilt makers must-have guide to images, files, and more!

…After definitions, Gloria explains how to enlarge, straighten, adjust the color or even change or eliminate the background of your digital quilt photos. She gives explicit instructions for working with each software program, and illustrations include computer screen shots and drop down menus as she walks you through each task in a direct, step-by-step, fashion. Side by side photos showing the results of adjusting such settings as saturation, sharpen and brightness are found throughout the book.ce.

Whether you want to use your images to simply print, print on fabric, combine images, prepare a Power Point presentation, upload you quilt photos to a website or create image sizes which conform to the requirements for quilt show entries, Digital Essentials has the answer. There are also instructions on how to create logos, protect your images on the web and register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office.

To read more pick up a copy of Machine Quilting Unlimited, Winter 2008 page 12 – Books and DVD reviews