… That’s the title of American Quilt Retailer’s review on Digital Essentials by Gloria Hansen! This book has been so well recieved and we are so glad that quilters, designers, and shop owners alike are finding much success. We brought the book to Houston, sold out, and we were even selling our display copies!

Here’s the rest of the AQR review:
If you’ve ever tried to use any version of Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, you know it can be demanding to use. Even reading Photoshop for Dummies can be challenging, at least for me (no comments on what this must mean). Browsing  Gloria Hansen’s new book Digital Essentials: The Quilt Makers Must-Have Guide to Images, Files, and More! published by The Electric Quilt Company is a revolation! She explains the “how-tos” of everything a quilter would need for photo and file handling. There’s everything from creating digital images for quilt show submissions to creating files to use on the Web and __ it all sounds pretty easy! Your customers will love this, and be sure to get a copy for yourself!