Quilt-O-Grams Cheryl Malkowski is a quilt designer and author from Oregon. She recently sent us a copy of her newest book, Quilt-O-Grams, where she teaches readers how to create quilted postcards and other fun projects using her experienced tips and tricks. Read more about Cheryl and her new book on her website.
As an EQ6 user, Cheryl used the program to help her design some of the projects she creates. In her new book Quilt-O-Grams, Cheryl explains to readers how using EQ6 for her projects. She explains:

“What if you could make a miniature of that complex New York Beauty Quilt or the fancy Baltimore Album quilt without doing a bit of piecing of appliqué? Now you can! With the Electric Quilt (EQ) program, or similar quilt design software, you can design a quilt any way you like and then print it out on fabric.”

Yes, Cheryl used our EQ Printable fabrics as well for some of her projects and gave us a kind nod in the book. Thanks Cheryl! We are so proud of your new book and we are honored by the compliment in not only mentioning us but that you’ve been such an avid EQ user.