Have you seen the November Quilters Newsletter yet? The quilt pictured on the cover is “Joy” made by Marilyn Smith from Columbia Missouri. It’s a beautiful collection of 113 vibrantly colored blocks each with a different embroidery pattern which means this quilt took a lot of time! The name “Joy” stemmed from the emotion of the colors in the quilt. Marilyn says,

“Color inspires me. I love color; it can convey a feeling. Looking at fabric is just a step in the road to a finished quilt. When I began Joy, I wanted to use brights: hot pinks, purple, green and turquoise in random placement. As this quilt progressed, I began to think more creatively about color and how much I enjoy quilts with a color progression of temperature: warm to cool and cool to warm.”
Marilyn Smith – Quilters Newsletter November 2008

So where did the joyful inspiration for this quilt come from? From Karen K. Stone’s Delirious pattern. No, I’m not suggesting Karen’s patterns are crazy! In 2004, EQ published a book of Karen K. Stone’s eye catching quilt patterns and in that book is where Marilyn found the pattern for Karen’s quilt “Delirious”.

Marilyn’s quilt “Joy” is a gorgeous, and creative spin off “Delirious” and we are so very proud of her Quilters Newsletter cover accomplishment! Congratulations Marilyn! Thank you for letting us share your work.

Delirious with Joy? If you love these quilts you can browse ten more of Karen’s most popular patterns in her book Karen K. Stone Quilts from EQ.