This story about yet another non conventional use for EQ6 speaks for itself. It’s from Daphne Stewart and she writes about her experience with a landscaper at her home. Trying to describe what she wanted them to do was getting frustrating. So, she used EQ6 to illustrate exactly what she wanted. She basically drew a block containing smaller squares that represented 2 feet of space totaling the length and width of her garden. She then drew the landscaping pieces on Layer 2 of EQ to indicate where she wanted each hedge to be replaced and now large they should be. Brilliant! And the landscaper love it!

(Click on the images to see them up close.)

Daphne explains the situation,

“We called a landscaper in and stood beside the stump-filled area, waving our arms around and drawing him word pictures. Then I came inside and drew the quilt in the attached file. It’s rough but it sure helped. It shows three planter boxes built of the same blocks that make up our retaining wall: annuals in the boxes for summer, two pom-pom evergreens for the winter. (I need the boxes to raise the workspace. I’m too stiff to kneel and I make old-person sounds when I stoop.)

Yesterday, while the crew started work on the stumps, we showed the boss, Mr. Auld, my ‘quilt’ and discovered that the bid he’d given us covered only the hardscape. With the print-out, we got everything named and estimated and we all have a better idea of what we’re talking about. Mr. A laughed when I pointed out the left over blocks in the lower left corner. He said that’s just what happens in real life.

Daphne ;-)