Because she won’t brag about them herself, I want to give you a sneak peek at the awesome new collection of kaleidoscope blocks designed by our very own Andrea Bishop! :)

Whirly, swirly… so easy to sew! Andrea has been spending a great deal of time designing over 500 foundation pieced kaleidoscope blocks for EQ5 and EQ6. Every block is numbered and ready to print from EQ and is probably easier than you might think to piece! All the blocks simplify down into simple squares. If you can sew by number, then all you need to do is sew half-square triangles together or Kaleidoscope wedges together.

Kaleidoscope Collection includes these categories:
• Basics
• Compasses
• Eight-Point Stars
• Flowers
• Miscellaneous
• Pinwheels
• Snow
• Spikey
• Stars
• Striped
• Traditional-Looking
• Triangles

Basically, the collection is an EQ5 or EQ6 add-on. It installs into your block library and it’s great for people who want more foundation-pieceable blocks. These blocks look great on their own in a medallion-like setting or in groups to create complex-looking designs that are actually really quick to piece.

Add Kaleidoscope blocks to your sketchbook from your Block Library.

In this project we use the Ocean Breeze Block from the pinwheel category.

Play with fabrics in your block and use the Fussy Cut tool to create different effects.

When you print your foundation piecing, all the numbering is done for you. Just follow the numbers! It’s not nearly as difficult as it may appear on paper.

Then admire the final product!

These kaleidoscope blocks are great for trying out fabric placement and fussy-cutting designs. You’ll be creating stunning designs and piecing them faster than you thought possible with the power of EQ’s foundation printouts.

Way to go Andrea! Thanks for giving us even MORE fun blocks to experiment with. We’ll keep you posted on when to expect the CD to be available.