I hope you all have had a chance to play with the star layouts in the EQ5 or EQ6 library. Beth Davis did… and wow. You should see the spectacular “Star Burst” quilt she came up with. Here’s what Beth says:

“I thought you might enjoy seeing a quilt that I just completed. It is called “Star Burst” and is 102″ X 102″. I designed it using EQ5. I used one of the existing quilt layouts from the library. I used a pineapple block with commercial fabric for the 8 pointed star and radiating star points. I tried different pieced blocks for the plain block areas but nothing was working.”

Beth’s “Star Burst” quilt

“Last summer I took a Shibori class with Marjie McWilliams at Quiltuniversity.com. When I auditioned the star burst hand dyed fabric in those plain blocks, I thought the quilt came to life. I was able to dye an additional 7 yards with similar color and pattern. The quilting was done with 12 wt. variable cotton thread on top and 30 wt. in the bobbin. Because the quilt was so bright, I didn’t want the stitching to get lost. I stitched flames radiating from the center.”

Corner and Hand-dyed detail

Can you see the Pineapple block she’s talking about? I outlined it here in white to show *just how much piecing* was involved in making this quilt.

Beth goes on to say:

“The part that I think is so neat is that the software will skew a square block into a diamond and print accurate foundation or templates for you. Thanks for making such a great product. I am thoroughly enjoying my EQ6.”

Thank you Beth for making such a great quilt and sharing the pictures with us!