A while back I showed you some projects Margaret was making incorporating the printable fabric photos of leaves. Well I promised I’d show you the finished pieces and she’s finally done!

Below are a few photos of the finished quilt. Circling the center diamond, there are four photos of leaves and greenery. By themselves they are just four diagonal blocks made from photos but Margaret has done something really cool to really make them apart of the quilt.

Take a look at the finished quilt from far away

Now zoomed in on the center photos.

Now REALLY close, you can see what Margaret has done.

You can see that the photo of the leaf is inside the tiled rectangle but then you can see that the photo of the leaf somehow extends out from the photo as if it’s growing into the quilt! Using each photo as a starting point, Margaret imagined what the rest of the leaf might look like and cut it out of green fabric. She then fused the leaf to the quilt and quilted around the outline of the leaf so it would stand out. She did this to all four photos and the outcome is that the photo and the quilt become one in the same and are a unified piece.

I love this Margaret!