Margaret has been hard at work in her sewing room creating a series of some really beautiful and interesting quilts. They are a work in progress but I want to give you a sneak peek!

Using our EQ printables, Margaret printed 8.5″ x 11″ photos of flowers onto fabric then soaked and dried them. She then cut the photos into several strips using a rotary cutter. Then, Margaret sorted through her boxes of fabric to find colors and patterns that complimented the flower photo so that the photo would blend and contrast harmoniously with the fabrics she chose. Spreading the strips a few inches apart from each other, but still the the correct order, Margaret planned out which fabrics would be placed in between each of the strips. The result is a stunning abstract image!

After finishing the quilt, Margaret quilted around the fabric patterns (in this case, she quilted around the images of the sunflower) to add another visually captivating element. She has a few of these in progress and we are excited to see the final out come. We’ll post more on that when it’s done!

Here’s another photo blended collage quilt Margaret is working on… can you tell which part is the photo!?