Designer, teacher, and blogger, Irina Irenic does!

Irina Irenic first bought herself a sewing machine on a whim in 2015, intending to make cushion covers as an occasional hobby. While searching for inspiration online, she discovered the wonderful world of quilting and patchwork, and was immediately hooked.

4 years later, she has become an active member of the quilting community, online and offline, in particular through her Instagram @zephyrskies and her blog at She is a member of London Modern Quilt Guild, and a regular attendee at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK.

As you’ll see from her blog and Instagram, she loves bold use of patterned fabrics, paper piecing techniques, and fun, modern designs. 

She teaches small classes on patchwork & quilting in London, including at SlipStitch (formerly Fringe) in Muswell Hill, was a consultant for Janome at John Lewis in London, and designs and publishes patterns using EQ8 (such as her Rubber Ducky design). She is currently a stay at home mum bringing up her baby daughter born early in 2019, with her husband in London.  

“I have been using EQ8 only for a couple of years, but I am absolutely in love with it. It makes designing a breeze. I still have lots to learn and explore as it has so many useful time saving tools. I try to play a few times a week now and always excited to find new tools within EQ8. I recommend the software to everyone who wants to try designing quilts, you will get hooked for sure.”

~Irina Irenic

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