I had made a quilt for someone else using the VeggieTale fabric, and purchased the leftovers.  My daughter has been a VT fan forever, and I

planned to use it for her someday.   The block fabric including the blue was
a border print.  The multi-colored strips at the top and bottom of each block were part of the sashing on the original quilt.  I used black for sashing to separate the blocks.  The outer border is phrases from VT.  I had strips of that which allowed me to have all four borders  with the words right-side-up.  For the quilting I just stitched in the ditch.

It was a fun quilt to work on, and both mom and baby liked it.  I had enough fabric to make a diaper bag also, and still have scraps left to use in a graduation quilt for Elizabeth when the time comes.  I’m keeping some of every fabric I use to make something for her–something it never occurred to me to do when Cari was little and I sewed all her clothes.  I always loved to look at the quilts my mom made and identify whose clothes the fabric came from!

Eileen Hoheisel