In 2008, my mom and I created this quilt on EQ6 together. She drew the picture and painting it on the background fabric. She also chose the blocks to use then I put it all together and made it come to life. This quilt was created for my cousins who teamrope all the time. In the center of the 4 corner blocks we added a rope to two of them and their brand to the other two. When Cynthia Spethman from Montana quilted it for us, she added different brands in with the stippling. So as you meander around the quilt on the background, there are several different brands. My mom Joanna chose the colors but had only picked the turquoise, black and tan. I added the red after she had told me that my cousin Kelly had just painted her kitchen and added some red in with the decor of her house. I thought it dressed the quilt up considerably.