My first quilt design using EQ7.  I designed this quilt with my nephew and his bride and their young son in mind.  I wanted a creation that brought the three of them together.  So the middle I used the male, female and child quilt block. I chose fabrics to reflect each one of them.  A beautiful paisley for Shana, a brown print for Ryan and a teal blue with brown dots for Preston. The teal blue coming from Shana and the brown dots from Ryan.  I used this same theme through out and used the friendship bouquet block pattern in the corners to also bring these together. I embroidered the “Love is” verse from the bible and the finishing touches were the wedding bells and cake.

The quilt was received with such joy, I don’t know if I could do it again, but this one was perfect. the quilting was all done on my embroidery machine, no long arm.  Each square done one at a time.  This quilt took me 6 months to do.