My story behind this quilt is that my daughter was getting married on September 24, 2011 and I love making her quilts. I had 3 months to make this quilt. Wow! I needed to make her a wedding ring quilt and I did not like all the traditional weddding quilt designs. So, with that said. I used EQ7 and designed my own quilt. I wanted to incorporate embroidery with the quilting so I found an EQ block which was a wedding ring partial and it was the same as my embroidery design. When I put all the embroidery designs together (96) 5″ blocks I had to look at my design to put them in the correct order to form the weddding rings. I used the colors of her wedding. I have had 3 open heart surgeries in my life and now I am not able to work, so my husband knows my love of quilting and art, so he bought me a longarm so that I could finish my projects myself. I could never pull the quilt through the regular machine. It was too big and heavy. I love being able to start and finish my quilts. My daughter sent me a thank you card in the mail for the quilt and bridal shower in the mail. I opened my envelope and the first thing it said was ” When do I get my quilt back”. She is so funny!

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.
Tammy Wilcox
Chenango Forks, NY