I was using EQ7 one day, playing “what would happen if?”, when the Jump for Joy block suddenly occurred and this quilt was born.  The name came a little later, after actually sewing the block and realizing that there is only a tiny bit of easy matching and no points to match at all, which made me jump for joy!  This quilt looks complicated, but is SO easy to put together!

EQ7 is wonderful for experimenting with different design ideas and makes is so easy to try things out before ever committing to cutting fabric.  Because I have EQ7, I’ve been able to release several Jazz Cat Designs patterns in My Perfect Quilt Size™ (MPQS) format which contain yardage, cutting and piecing instructions for quilts in several sizes, usually table runners through king size bed quilts.  This format has been very well received by customers and has solved the problem of a customer loving a design, but wanting to make it in another size.  Thank you, EQ7!

Jump for Joy in 10 My Perfect Quilt Size sizes from small table runner and various sized bed runners through king sized bed quilt.