On June 15, 2023, A passenger van was filled with a friendly group of unique individuals each with memories, lived experiences, loved ones they treasured, and dreams to fulfill. The day was sunny and clear, +23°C when they set out on a fun journey to play, to work, to win. No one expected a tragic accident to alter their lives forever.

The vision for this quilt was to randomly piece together fragments, snippets, and scraps of unrelated pieces of fabric. The background fabric and subject matter will be the shared element of the design to bring coherence to the memory of those. Involved in the accident. The background is blue ombre symbolising the day. The subject matter is a tree. The tree is a timeless symbol of connectivity to everything around us, and a powerful reminder that we are inextricably intertwined with the happiness and health of all living things. This quilt marks one moment in time; it will not be updated or changed once completed. Many leaves have been appliqued onto the tree blocks.

Together our guild improvised the design, and all members supported each other, sustained hope, continued to trust and maintain faith in the process. With many capable hands, we filled the blocks with assorted trunks and diverse branches and leaves. This quilt is a tribute to the individuals and communities that were forever changed on that fateful day. It is a shared expression of hope for a tomorrow filled with respect, peace, and community. #dauphinstrong #carberrystrong