I have another quilt for the EQ gallery.  This one was also made for my daughter (the star rag quilt, #77 in the gallery, was for her, too), and it’s a little more interesting than the rag quilt.  I call it “Cosmic Eye”.

Ever since I read the interview with Deb Karasik in the EQ newsletter last spring, I’ve been really intrigued with this style of quilt.  I purchased the Quilt Mavens book, and have been playing in EQ with placing “spikey” blocks in different settings.  Before I try sewing some of the more complicated designs that I’ve made, I decided I should make a small project.  Cosmic Eye is made by using a 2×2 Variable Blocks Setting, but only actually using 5 of the blocks in the setting. One of EQs Sun Compass blocks was set in the middle, and New York Beauty blocks were placed in the skewed blocks surrounding it.  By leaving out the outer arc on the New York Beauty blocks, I got the “eyeball” shape.

Hope you like it!