My friends think I quilt all day in front of a sewing machine and don’t realize it’s mostly computer work. I was talking with a buddy who said he loved Klimt’s work and the colors and blocky-ness of the designs. I thought about Klimt for a few days and wondered how I could do it as a quilt and came up with this design. I liked the simplicity of the plain blocks, 4-Patches, and 9-Patches, and the way they are alternated with “log cabins”. I colored it in Klimt-ish colors and thought, “oh that’s nice.” Well, someone must have walked by and seen my computer screen, because the next thing I knew I was asked to print off the patterns for Margaret to sew. I think the pattern really came to life in Margaret’s hands. She has an eye for color and changed the quilt from a pattern that would appeal to some people to a brilliant color theory study that appeals to a wider audience.